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Print your favorite designs on any product, material or color with industry leading quality

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I used this company twice now and love the DTF transfers I got from them! The turn times were under a week and local pick-up helps save some money. I create my gang sheets on Adobe Illustrator and upload them onto the site. Colors come out clean and matching what I design. Pressing instructions are easy to follow and the design looks amazing!

Jesse Wilson

Amazing quality DTF transfers at a lower price point than the competitors of the same quality. I have already ordered from them 6 times and plan on doing much more in the near future. Quick turnaround, too. I typically get my order within 7 days.

Jared Yelverton

Outstanding customer service and quick turn around! Their products always exceed my expectations. I highly recommend this company.

Crafted By Angie

Influencer Heats DTF Transfer | Fast & Easy


Upload Your Design

Use any designs you want. We turn your favorite designs into direct to film transfers. 


We Print & Ship Same or Next Day

We create your transfers using our attention to detail. Insuring every transfer is perfect


Use a Heatpress, Iron or Cricut

Press your transfers at 300 Degrees for 10 Seconds. Peel Immediately. 

Why Everyone Prefers Influencer Heats DTF Transfers

We changed an entire industry. Here's how we did it.


Vivid Colors

Beautiful, bright colors are what makes our transfers stand out. You wont find quality like this anywhere else.


Extreme Durability 

Not only have we stretch tested our transfers, we've put them through 70+ washes and they still held their full color.


Bright Shading

Ever worry about the shading in your designs looking horrible after it goes on your shirt? Not anymore!


Perfect Whites

Your whites designs will always come out crisp


Attention to Detail

Every aspect of your design is detailed in your transfers


Works On Any Color

Nothing is stopping you from adding your designs to any material or product anymore!

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